Our group has been going strong for four years. New careers have been started, new skills learned, products launched, dreams ignited and “knowing more now about the Internet than my kid” comments are some of  the pluses coming out of this group. And the only promotion that has been done is starting our Meeup site.


A recent Testimonial that sums up the sentiment and feedback we get.

“Good job! People don’t realize the time and effort that Andre puts into this group without pay. I don’t know of anyone else who would do that. The speakers/presenters that he arranges every week are goldmines of information in the internet freeway. Each week you can come away with some little nugget that can skyrocket your own project. From those who have no clue to those who do internet work daily can get something from each week.”

You cannot pay enough for the wealth of information we receive weekly.

Rose Z.