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Engaging Your “Target” Customer Through Social Media

In today’s marketplace connecting with your “target” customer using Social Media is no longer an option – It’s a Must!

That message came across loud and clear at our Blockbuster Social Media event.

This recaps our Social Media Summit, where we had 4 expert presenters share insights and tips on the crucial role Social Media now plays in building an audience for our businesses. 

We started off with a strategic look at Social Media today and then focused in on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and on the what and how of building an audience worth engaging.
Kim Garst and Social Boom:
Kim Garst, of Boom Social, kicked our (Suncoast Internet Marketing Masterminds) event off with a Keynote on the State of the Union on Social Media.

Following are the highlights of her presentation, plus golden nugget tips from the other presenters. Kim’s portion was also captured on video. Here’s the link to it: http://youtu.be/-jL9uXmyhRc.
The New Marketing Paradigm:
One of the biggest mistakes still made with the use of Social Media or even our Websites today, is the tendency to push our products and services, rather than having our clients come to us – pull. Most posts we see are about “me” and “Buy from me”, “Buy from me”! This approach no longer works, in fact; it can kill your business. BTW, I’d also include Blogs in the Social Media mix.
Social Media Is About “Engaging in a Dialog”:
Social Media is our opportunity to engage in a dialog with others online. It’s that first hello and hand shake.

So, rather than having a cordial meeting over coffee or at someone’s business and getting to know them a bit better, we’re reaching out and engaging them online. The same courtesy and tact needs to […]

Advanced Strategies Using Linkedin

If you’re in the business-to-business arena, applying some of the advanced strategies using Linkedin…
…can have a significant impact on your business results. Our presenter last week, Dennis Fredrickson attributes about 20% of his business directly to his use of Linkedin. Another friend, who now has a 7 figure business, out of his home, attributes his early success (80% of his business) and momentum to his expertise with Linkedin.

As a lead in to his presentation of the “Advanced Strategies Using Linkedin”, Dennis asked the audience, about 50 of us, for feedback on the use of Linkedin. Interestingly, the raised hands showed that although quite a percentage of the attendees had and used Linkedin, only one or two were using it in their business. And the reason? Didn’t know what they do with it. […]

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

Are you using Social Media to drive traffic to your Website or Blog?
If not, you’re probably missing out on about 50% of your potential traffic.

When talking about driving traffic to your Website/Blog, SEO comes to mind right off the bat, but Social Media, whether Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and hundreds of others, have become ever more important for driving that traffic. Besides driving traffic to your site, Social Media has also become a tool for “social validation”.

At this past IM MM meeting we had a panel of three experts address these topic; […]