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Engaging Your “Target” Customer Through Social Media

In today’s marketplace connecting with your “target” customer using Social Media is no longer an option – It’s a Must!

That message came across loud and clear at our Blockbuster Social Media event.

This recaps our Social Media Summit, where we had 4 expert presenters share insights and tips on the crucial role Social Media now plays in building an audience for our businesses. 

We started off with a strategic look at Social Media today and then focused in on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and on the what and how of building an audience worth engaging.
Kim Garst and Social Boom:
Kim Garst, of Boom Social, kicked our (Suncoast Internet Marketing Masterminds) event off with a Keynote on the State of the Union on Social Media.

Following are the highlights of her presentation, plus golden nugget tips from the other presenters. Kim’s portion was also captured on video. Here’s the link to it: http://youtu.be/-jL9uXmyhRc.
The New Marketing Paradigm:
One of the biggest mistakes still made with the use of Social Media or even our Websites today, is the tendency to push our products and services, rather than having our clients come to us – pull. Most posts we see are about “me” and “Buy from me”, “Buy from me”! This approach no longer works, in fact; it can kill your business. BTW, I’d also include Blogs in the Social Media mix.
Social Media Is About “Engaging in a Dialog”:
Social Media is our opportunity to engage in a dialog with others online. It’s that first hello and hand shake.

So, rather than having a cordial meeting over coffee or at someone’s business and getting to know them a bit better, we’re reaching out and engaging them online. The same courtesy and tact needs to […]

Internet Marketing Strategy – The Magic Formula For Content

Hey there!

It’s Charly Caldwell II here — a huge “Thank You” to Andre for giving me an opportunity to guest here on the Internet Success Group blog.  In a moment, I’m going to review one of the most important components to Internet Marketing Strategy – something I like to call the Magic Content Formula! 😉

Andre has given me the wonderful opportunity, too, to speak twice now, at his weekly Internet workshops…

Here I am reviewing the 7 Fundamentals of Online Success with a group of highly motivated Internet Marketers.

As I’ve mentioned to him, he has an awesome ability to attract great people, who not only want to learn, but DO the work, too!

If you know me, you know I love helping people improve their lives or grow their businesses (or many cases, both!)  I truly find it incredibly rewarding.

One of the most popular questions I’ve received is:
“Charly, I’m getting less than 1 out of every 100 visitors to my (website, blog, business listing, Facebook page, etc) to contact me, or at the very least, give me an email address so I can at least know who they are!

How do I get more people to connect with me and give me an opportunity to talk to them?”
It turns out there’s 8 simple things you need to say, in a specific order, to truly connect with people.

It’s MAGIC once you know it and I teach it to you in this educational video:

Internet Marketing Strategy – Learn The Magic Content Formula 

It’s interesting too, because once you know it, you’ll see it used in movies, stories, books and more.

I can’t to see how you rock it out!

Have a wonderful day, and take care,


PS – Thanks again Andre!

The Link Between Your Brand and How You Show Up

Branding, whether personal or business, is all about how you show up…
So, what is “your” or your business’ brand?

Do you represent your product, even if it’s you, in a unique fashion that stands-out from the crowd? 

Kellie Kuecha, last week’s presenter and creator of the “Brand Omnipresence” program, shared 10 of the most important facets of branding. In her program, Kellie covers 82 such facets, each corresponding to a facet of a diamond, which contribute to its brilliance.

Branding when done right brings out our uniqueness or, shall we say – brilliance.
In business and marketing, brand is everything…

Is Nike, just another shoe?
Is Starbucks just another coffee shop?
Are Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s just some other grocery stores?

Look around and the same applies at the entrepreneurial and Small Business level. For instance, in our particular community, we have several Real Estate and Restaurants that through brand positioning have gained a recognition and standing that sets them apart from others.

Although the focus of Kellie’s presentation was geared towards Personal Branding, the same aspects or facets, are applicable to business branding. Let’s look at the 10 facets.
10 of the most important facets of Personal Branding…
Facet #1: Passion – What is your passion? What ever it is, build a brand around it and own that space.

Facet #6: Adversities – People want to relate to you so, be open and it’s OK if you’re not perfect. If you have battle scars, wear and share them in an authentic way.

Facet #9: Branded Moniker – Others will remember your moniker, even if they don’t remember your name. In fact the most visited page on a Website is the About Us page. People want to know who you are and what you’re about.

Facet #18: Writings – How […]

The Key Ingredients Needed For Branding Success

That was the jist of Kelsey’s presentation  conveyed to us in her presentation on “branding success”.

Kelsey had us thinking outside the box as she introduced us to some great personal and business branding tips, including the contrast between good and bad branding.

One example that really stood out was, how Nikon in trying to convey a message, used a risque photo, which totally compromised their image.
Branding starts with a creative you…
Yes, me! The best brand starts with oneself. Who am I, and what’s the brand I’m projecting? As you build your brand, remain open-minded, don’t be afraid to take a different path and especially, don’t think that things have to go in a specific way.

This was exemplified with a simple exercise, […]