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How To Aim For And Connect With Your Target Market

The Three Steps That Will Get You There… 
Tony is a very creative individual and is always coming up with great ideas that he’s sure others will grab a hold of. This time it’s an information Website/Portal targeted at individuals, especially men, in the retirement stage of their lives. All of this under the assumption that his target audience will just flock to his portal.

Tens of thousands were spent on research, Website development, finding and linking to the various information sources such as baseball and auto-racing information sites, health care and travel information and so on. Great content that Tony thought would be attractive to his target audience and in turn would gain a significant following and in time, lucrative sponsors.

The result at product launch and for months afterwards: Crickets! No one came, even though on the surface his looked like a great idea. Tony “hoped” that it would be popular but, had not done his basic market research. The product was based on his assumptions.

This example, which is real life although I used a fictitious name, serves to illustrate just how easy it is to miss connecting with your target market. The ones that you’d think would be your ideal customers. Let’s look at the inherent flaws in Tony’s “build it and they’ll come” strategy and the simple process that could have alleviated them.
The Build It and They’ll Come Strategy Is “Hope Marketing” at its Best 

Because today it’s so easy to get something started on the Internet, we may take a “Build it and they’ll come” attitude. Many of us start out that way, especially if we think we have a “great idea” and are sure that “everyone” else will just love it too. This […]

How Effective Is Your Online Marketing Strategy?

If you’re not getting good results from your online marketing efforts…
You probably don’t have a clear online marketing strategy and may have bypassed some key planning steps.

Normally the result is frustration, wasted time, blindly trying various strategies and perhaps the thought of just quitting.

Why? Perhaps the sequence has not been “planned” out and certain action steps were not taken.

OK, OK, I know the word “plan” turns many of us off. It infers rigidness, like hopping on a train and

staying on a set of tracks until you get to your destination. The Internet requires a much more flexible approach. A kayak navigating a march, is a more appropriate mode of transportation to get you to your destination.

Even with a kayak, you need to know where you’re going and realize that there is a sequence and certain components that have to be in place for you to experience success.

Let’s look at the most common mistakes we normally encounter in our Internet marketing efforts. BTW, much of this comes from the “Hot Seat” sessions we hold at our Internet Marketing Mastermind meetings.
1. Our market is not clearly defined…
This is a very common error. By taking a broad approach such as going after a general segment like as “real estate”, “insurance” and “working women”, we end up missing the mark. Even when we narrow it down to let’s say, “Real estate in Buckhead, Atlanta”, what do we know about the target audience? What do they look like? How can we best reach them?

ANSWER: Have your target market clearly defined – You don’t need the whole world as you audience to succeed. Depending on your product, service and price point, all you may need is perhaps 100 but, […]

Content Marketing Infographic

Have Good Stuff but, No Traffic?
Here’s an excellent representation, via an Infographic published by HRmarketer.com,  on the options and priority sequencing in taking “good content” and gaining maximum visibility, without which – no traffic.

Whether it’s for SEO, developing your brand, generating leads or, demonstrating thought leadership, content marketing is crucial – and only getting more important. And as mentioned above for it to be effective, your target audience needs to see your content.

Research Your Market Or Fail…

Hope marketing is not market research – it just doesn’t cut it!

Because it’s so easy to get something started on the Internet, we may take a “Build it and they’ll come” attitude.

Despite that, many of us start out that way, especially if we think we have a “great idea” and are sure that “everyone” else will just clamor over what we have. Yeah, right! Unless you’re extremely lucky, it just doesn’t work that way.
Do Your Basic Market Research
To succeed you’ll have to at least have done basic market research. Fortunately on the Internet, that process is greatly simplified as compared to what it used to be.  Now, because of all the tools and with information at your finger tips, it’s hours vs days and weeks of old. Plus, much of the guesswork can also been removed.
The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

What market are you going into? You want to be in a market that engages emotions. The most popular and money yielding categories are: Health and Wellness, Weight Loss, Business Growth and Transformation, Business Opportunity, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Luxuries, Legal and or Financial Challenges and Hobbies.
What is the potential within your chosen market?  Determine the interest level, what people are paying and how hungry they are for your intended product. Let’s look at some of those information sources. These are at your finger tips and FREE:

Amazon, especially its book section, is a great resource for identifying trends and hot topics. Be sure to look at the reviews.
Go to your local bookstore and check out what’s selling and check whether there are magazines covering your topic? OK, you’ll need to walk for this one.
Google Trends and Insights, provide information on what’s hot. Yahoo offers BuzzLog and Clues, as information sources […]