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How To Aim For And Connect With Your Target Market

The Three Steps That Will Get You There… 
Tony is a very creative individual and is always coming up with great ideas that he’s sure others will grab a hold of. This time it’s an information Website/Portal targeted at individuals, especially men, in the retirement stage of their lives. All of this under the assumption that his target audience will just flock to his portal.

Tens of thousands were spent on research, Website development, finding and linking to the various information sources such as baseball and auto-racing information sites, health care and travel information and so on. Great content that Tony thought would be attractive to his target audience and in turn would gain a significant following and in time, lucrative sponsors.

The result at product launch and for months afterwards: Crickets! No one came, even though on the surface his looked like a great idea. Tony “hoped” that it would be popular but, had not done his basic market research. The product was based on his assumptions.

This example, which is real life although I used a fictitious name, serves to illustrate just how easy it is to miss connecting with your target market. The ones that you’d think would be your ideal customers. Let’s look at the inherent flaws in Tony’s “build it and they’ll come” strategy and the simple process that could have alleviated them.
The Build It and They’ll Come Strategy Is “Hope Marketing” at its Best 

Because today it’s so easy to get something started on the Internet, we may take a “Build it and they’ll come” attitude. Many of us start out that way, especially if we think we have a “great idea” and are sure that “everyone” else will just love it too. This […]

Engaging Your “Target” Customer Through Social Media

In today’s marketplace connecting with your “target” customer using Social Media is no longer an option – It’s a Must!

That message came across loud and clear at our Blockbuster Social Media event.

This recaps our Social Media Summit, where we had 4 expert presenters share insights and tips on the crucial role Social Media now plays in building an audience for our businesses. 

We started off with a strategic look at Social Media today and then focused in on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and on the what and how of building an audience worth engaging.
Kim Garst and Social Boom:
Kim Garst, of Boom Social, kicked our (Suncoast Internet Marketing Masterminds) event off with a Keynote on the State of the Union on Social Media.

Following are the highlights of her presentation, plus golden nugget tips from the other presenters. Kim’s portion was also captured on video. Here’s the link to it: http://youtu.be/-jL9uXmyhRc.
The New Marketing Paradigm:
One of the biggest mistakes still made with the use of Social Media or even our Websites today, is the tendency to push our products and services, rather than having our clients come to us – pull. Most posts we see are about “me” and “Buy from me”, “Buy from me”! This approach no longer works, in fact; it can kill your business. BTW, I’d also include Blogs in the Social Media mix.
Social Media Is About “Engaging in a Dialog”:
Social Media is our opportunity to engage in a dialog with others online. It’s that first hello and hand shake.

So, rather than having a cordial meeting over coffee or at someone’s business and getting to know them a bit better, we’re reaching out and engaging them online. The same courtesy and tact needs to […]

Knowing the Tax Rules Can Save You Money!

Hundreds of tax deductions and tax credits for individuals and small businesses go unused each year because folks simply are not educated on what they have a right to deduct or claim.
Rather than boring you with my recap of an excellent presentation on taxes and LLCs at a recent Suncoast Internet Marketing Mastermind group meeting, I’ll let the presenter, Robin Platzer, break it down for you.  Here it is:

I was recently asked to do a presentation at one of my meet up groups on tax deductions. And my first thought was” Tax deductions? How boring is that? I mean really? Nobody wants to listen to me ramble on for an hour about taxes do they?

Ok, yes it is true I am an accountant, and yes I do prepare small business tax returns for a living. But wouldn’t you rather me do a presentation on something fun, like how to do fun cool paper art, or how to coupon? But being that this is the subject they wanted me to speak on and since taxes is a topic I am very familiar with, I reluctantly agreed.

When I arrived to the meeting place presentation in hand I was expecting to speak to a half empty room of unsmiling Uncle Sam Haters, ready to shoot the messenger. But what I found instead was a room full of small business owners!! And the room wasn’t half empty in fact every seat was taken. “Are you kidding me? “ These people actually seem happy to be here!! “They were smiling!! And they came prepared with paper and pencils!

These folks already seemed to know what I am about to tell you- they already knew these 5 simple facts about taxes…
5 […]

How To Make Money Blogging?

It’s not about how to “make money Blogging” but…
Why are you Blogging and what are you selling or producing? A blog is just a marketing vehicle that carries the message about our product or service.

This was the major point David Risley shared with our Internet Marketing MasterMind group at the outset of his excellent “How Do You Make Money with a Blog?” presentation.

Only a BUSINESS with a viable product makes money…
As David stated, a blog does not make a dime, a BUSINESS makes money. […]

Are You on The Road To Business Success or Failure?

This is a look at some of the key factors influencing business Success or Failure…
Our presenter last week, Sasha Evdakov, has us view business success and failures through the concept of The Triangle of Success. Before getting into the details, Sasha challenged us with some questions and points that set the stage for the rest of the presentation.
Primary Reasons Why Most Businesses Fail

Falling into the trap of doing the same things as the competition.
Not knowing or understanding their clients.
Not having a viable product or service to offer.
Not having a logical sequence in mind to take a visitor through.
Too much focus on administrative tasks and not enough on the core of the business. How about outsourcing some of the redundant stuff?
Not understanding or knowing  yourself and where you are coming from. Do you come from more of an intellectual or experiential point of view? This will have an impact of how you come across to your clients. Neither is right or wrong – it’s how you connect.

A Simple Three Step Solution to Success:

Prioritize: Do the hard stuff first. Most of us start with e-Mail, FB or, something distracting, in the morning, instead of having a list already in place of the most important things to get done.
Be Counter-intuitive: Do what may appear to be hard. Do something that takes you away from your comfort zone. Doing this begins to separate you from your competition.
Speed of Implementation: Success is all about momentum. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it!

A challenge posed was: “How do you get a proposal that is normally in the $750.00 – $3,000.00 range to $3,000.00 – $15,000.00?”.

Answer: Differentiate and bring value – for instance use a video for your proposal – provide a video […]