Want to know how to use Google+ and Hangouts to capture traffic? 

Following are some of the Golden Nuggets on the topic, Dan Kurtz shared with us at a recent SIMM meeting. Dan first gave this presentation at a TBBO event in Tampa on October 2013. Just excellent!

Following are a few highlights of Dan’s Google Hangouts presentation:

  • Google has a gaggle of products, so many in fact that it can be confusing but, if you’re a business owner/entrepreneur and want win online, then you must learn and use Google+ and Hangouts.
  • Google Hangouts can be used like Skype, but it happens within your Google+ account and the Hangout can automatically be uploaded to YouTube, which is also owned by Google. Beginning to get the picture?
  • Once on YouTube, the video can be edited and a description with the pertinent keywords added. Once optimized, it’s ready for viewing.
  • For maximum exposure, and this is where the magic is, Dan took us through the process of setting up our Hangouts. There definitely is a sequence, which is:
  • Build a Google Hangouts (On Air) through Google+. Notice things pointing back to Google+?
  • Name the Hangout with a keyword and grab the hangout code
  • Place that code (syndicate) with secondary sites such as IFTTT.com(free), Onlywire.com(paid) and Yahoo Pipes(free)
  • Doing the above can result in having over 75 platforms connecting to your Hangout – all for Free
  • You’ll also need a brief write-up, like a press release on your site and optimize it for SEO
  • For this, Dan recommended using the WP Plugin SEOPressor, which is a paid product but, well worth it. The other option is SEO by Yoast, also good but limited in its capabilities.

Four notes on optimizing your Google Hangouts video:

  • The title of the hangout needs to be keyword rich
  • Have the Hangout transcribed (suggest using the mturk.amazon.com service) and place that in the description underneath the video
  • Use as many relevant keywords as allowed in the Tags box
  • All these will add up to better Google ranking.

Dan touched on a number of additional points, on how to use Google+ and Hangouts to capture traffic, much of which you’ll find in the video and his presentation. The video is from when Dan gave this presentation at the December 2013 Google Summit event held in Tampa. 

About Dan Kurtz: Dan is an expert on almost everything Google, especially anything to do with SEO, the area where over the past 8 years, he has honed his craft in. Before going out on his own and starting Marketing Arsenal, he was the sole SEO person for a major fitness franchise, working on 200+ sites per month. Dan can be contacted at: MarketingArsenal@gmail.com. So, if you really need to get into the details on how to optimally implement Google Hangouts, give Dan a shout.