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How Effective Is Your Online Marketing Strategy?

If you’re not getting good results from your online marketing efforts…
You probably don’t have a clear online marketing strategy and may have bypassed some key planning steps.

Normally the result is frustration, wasted time, blindly trying various strategies and perhaps the thought of just quitting.

Why? Perhaps the sequence has not been “planned” out and certain action steps were not taken.

OK, OK, I know the word “plan” turns many of us off. It infers rigidness, like hopping on a train and

staying on a set of tracks until you get to your destination. The Internet requires a much more flexible approach. A kayak navigating a march, is a more appropriate mode of transportation to get you to your destination.

Even with a kayak, you need to know where you’re going and realize that there is a sequence and certain components that have to be in place for you to experience success.

Let’s look at the most common mistakes we normally encounter in our Internet marketing efforts. BTW, much of this comes from the “Hot Seat” sessions we hold at our Internet Marketing Mastermind meetings.
1. Our market is not clearly defined…
This is a very common error. By taking a broad approach such as going after a general segment like as “real estate”, “insurance” and “working women”, we end up missing the mark. Even when we narrow it down to let’s say, “Real estate in Buckhead, Atlanta”, what do we know about the target audience? What do they look like? How can we best reach them?

ANSWER: Have your target market clearly defined – You don’t need the whole world as you audience to succeed. Depending on your product, service and price point, all you may need is perhaps 100 but, […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Online

Been there done that…

Take it from someone who has been around the block a few times, owned a couple small businesses and has been at the leading edge of technology, including Online Marketing for some years. Avoid these seven common mistakes when marketing online, meaning over the Internet, and you’ll be miles ahead.

If I were to sum up the wisdom gained over the years, in a few words it would be: “Believe in what you’re doing, be smart and give it time to manifest”.

The following seven talking points come from not only past experience but, from observation. Most recently, as the founder and facilitator of an Internet Marketing Mastermind group, which after three years regularly hosts 40 – 60 Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners, weekly.

1. Thinking Short Term – In our hurry-up society, especially when it comes to the Internet, we sometimes expect instantaneous results. Yes, you can get a Website or Blog (both serve the same function), up on the Internet in hours or days but, that does not mean it will get you the results you anticipated. Too frequently I run into people thinking that “I just need to put up that Web site or Blog and people will come flocking to it”. Not so!

Although your Website is the centerpiece of your Internet Marketing strategy and eventual success, it is only one component. For one, you need to get traffic to your Website and there are number of ways to do that. Next, once they arrive at your site, will the visitor stay and do what you ask them to or will they just “Click” and move on?

As you build your Web presence, a key point to keep in mind is that […]

Video Content Capture and Creation Using An iPhone

Video Content in Your Pocket?  
A recent presentation by Carrie Rokosz, of Rokosz Studios, showcased where content and video production is headed. Video (which is content) totally produced on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Although it will take some practice, I was amazed at the quality and built in capabilities of these devices. Ideal for those “got to have it now” Videos or, if you’re away from your office.

Internet Marketing is going mobile, so why not the production of content.

This does not mean that you won’t use your laptop for editing and production or, use a professional studio for those corporate type Videos.  But it does mean that if you’re in a hurry and have one of those “Kodak moments” at hand, this is definitely an option. 

A point of note, for many of us, Video is today’s content of choice. In our hurry up society people scan pages and view Video clips. And the latter needs to be good or “Click, next”. 
Before you shoot that Video…
From a visibility and search stand point, the same principles apply to Videos as do with content such as Posts and articles. In fact, YouTube transcribes the voice into text, so even that should be taken into account when creating your video.

Carrie had us consider these important points before embarking on the creation and production of our Videos.

Shoot the Video as if talking to your target audience face-to-face. As a friend and not as a sales person. 
Focus in on a representative person of your target market and let’s say it’s a soccer mom. Imagine her standing in front of you and you’re talking with her as a freind.  
Find out what their issues are and talk to those issues. Solve […]

The Relation Between Email Copy and Money…

Well…effective Email copy can attract money like iron to a magnet.
On the other hand… bad copy, bad results!

That’s the message Everte Farnell, a copy writing expert, conveyed to us in his recent presentation on Email copy and marketing to our Internet Marketing Mastermind group. 

What’s the magic? Whether an Email, Post, Landing Page, Video, or ad, you have but a few seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and engaging them to take some action. Else, it’s Click, NEXT.
So, what are three of the most important factors to consider… […]

An Intro To Membership Sites

Recurring revenue, steady income stream and loyal following; are all potential reasons for a membership site…
But, are you ready for your own? Yes or No?

Tony Rockliff, a membership site expert in his own right, gave us an excellent overview on the topic at a recent IM MM meeting.

The following points should help to make your decision.
What is a membership site?
It is a site focused on a specific subject that offers some kind of service only to members. It can be free or paying, or a combination of both.

Membership sites can be about anything. A survey of nearly one thousand such […]