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Knowing the Tax Rules Can Save You Money!

Hundreds of tax deductions and tax credits for individuals and small businesses go unused each year because folks simply are not educated on what they have a right to deduct or claim.
Rather than boring you with my recap of an excellent presentation on taxes and LLCs at a recent Suncoast Internet Marketing Mastermind group meeting, I’ll let the presenter, Robin Platzer, break it down for you.  Here it is:

I was recently asked to do a presentation at one of my meet up groups on tax deductions. And my first thought was” Tax deductions? How boring is that? I mean really? Nobody wants to listen to me ramble on for an hour about taxes do they?

Ok, yes it is true I am an accountant, and yes I do prepare small business tax returns for a living. But wouldn’t you rather me do a presentation on something fun, like how to do fun cool paper art, or how to coupon? But being that this is the subject they wanted me to speak on and since taxes is a topic I am very familiar with, I reluctantly agreed.

When I arrived to the meeting place presentation in hand I was expecting to speak to a half empty room of unsmiling Uncle Sam Haters, ready to shoot the messenger. But what I found instead was a room full of small business owners!! And the room wasn’t half empty in fact every seat was taken. “Are you kidding me? “ These people actually seem happy to be here!! “They were smiling!! And they came prepared with paper and pencils!

These folks already seemed to know what I am about to tell you- they already knew these 5 simple facts about taxes…
5 […]

Think Search Engine Humanization and Not Optimization

Is this the death of SEO as we know it?
Marc and his Inc. 500 company, take a different tack. Rather than focusing their efforts on finding the right keywords or relying on tricks to gain Google’s attention, he suggests that we focus on answering the question(s) our “ideal client” is seeking an answer to.

These quotes from Marc, give an indication of where this is going…

“People don’t like being a number, they want a connection.”
“Add value to their lives.”
“Stop trying to appease everybody.”
“Speak the language of those looking for what you have.”

Which then leads to the question…

 Who is that ideal client?

And what questions are they looking for an answer to? Here again, rather than taking a broad stroke, Marc begins by defining his ideal client and paints an avatar by asking questions.

Who are they?
What are their needs?
What do they look like?
What challenges them most and seek an answer to?
Do I want to work with them?
Are we a fit for each other?

While others may focus on numbers, keyword research, writing copy to support those keywords, pitching and selling their product and link building, Marc, rakes them in by posting answers to the questions his ideal clients are seeking answers to.

He suggests that we engage our audience in the dialog THEY are interested in, hitting their “hot buttons” and not what we think they need to hear. It’s all about them.

How does he suggest we do that?
Search Engine Humanization
Here the focus is all about putting a heavy reliance on “people” research rather than “keyword” research – what questions/challenges do your clients need an answer to?

Marc suggests writing the Posts on your site with that in mind. Add value and don’t be afraid to […]

The Why and How of Podcasting

Basic information on Steve’s presentation at our meeting and access to his Podcast training.

The video taken of the session can be downloaded here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/IM-MM-Files/SteveCherubino.MOV

Access to Steve Cherubino’s excellent training:
The special price for his course can be gotten here: https://www.udemy.com/learn-how-to-podcast-now
He’s offering a special discount for our IMM group: use the code “80MASTERMIND” for the 80% savings

How To Make Money Blogging?

It’s not about how to “make money Blogging” but…
Why are you Blogging and what are you selling or producing? A blog is just a marketing vehicle that carries the message about our product or service.

This was the major point David Risley shared with our Internet Marketing MasterMind group at the outset of his excellent “How Do You Make Money with a Blog?” presentation.

Only a BUSINESS with a viable product makes money…
As David stated, a blog does not make a dime, a BUSINESS makes money. […]

Internet Marketing Strategy – The Magic Formula For Content

Hey there!

It’s Charly Caldwell II here — a huge “Thank You” to Andre for giving me an opportunity to guest here on the Internet Success Group blog.  In a moment, I’m going to review one of the most important components to Internet Marketing Strategy – something I like to call the Magic Content Formula! 😉

Andre has given me the wonderful opportunity, too, to speak twice now, at his weekly Internet workshops…

Here I am reviewing the 7 Fundamentals of Online Success with a group of highly motivated Internet Marketers.

As I’ve mentioned to him, he has an awesome ability to attract great people, who not only want to learn, but DO the work, too!

If you know me, you know I love helping people improve their lives or grow their businesses (or many cases, both!)  I truly find it incredibly rewarding.

One of the most popular questions I’ve received is:
“Charly, I’m getting less than 1 out of every 100 visitors to my (website, blog, business listing, Facebook page, etc) to contact me, or at the very least, give me an email address so I can at least know who they are!

How do I get more people to connect with me and give me an opportunity to talk to them?”
It turns out there’s 8 simple things you need to say, in a specific order, to truly connect with people.

It’s MAGIC once you know it and I teach it to you in this educational video:

Internet Marketing Strategy – Learn The Magic Content Formula 

It’s interesting too, because once you know it, you’ll see it used in movies, stories, books and more.

I can’t to see how you rock it out!

Have a wonderful day, and take care,


PS – Thanks again Andre!