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One Of Our Internet Marketing Mastermind Group Meetings

Who We Are…

A group of like minded individuals forming a Mastermind; sharing ideas, learning and building our Internet Marketing businesses.

How This Started…

What started out as local project, engaging and encouraging other Internet Marketing minded entrepreneurs, has turned out to be a very rewarding project for quite a number of individuals, including myself (Andre Kasberger), the founder and facilitator of the Internet Marketing Mastermind group in Sarasota FL. Look us up on

The Results We See…

On a weekly basis, we see individuals making significant progress with their Internet projects, whether it is building one’s very first web site, making major mid-course corrections to an existing site that was going in the wrong direction or, encouraging others, who have become a strong local resource and are helping others. Paying forward!

The comment most frequently heard from newcomers to our group has been “I’m so glad I found this group and now I can network and exchange ideas with others that are serious about building a strong on-line presence”.

This encouraging feedback, along with the visible progress we see being made on a weekly basis, is the foundation of this project. What started locally helping a few is now reaching many.

What You’ll Find On This Site…

This site is an extension of the Internet Marketing Mastermind Group. Some of the information you’ll find here:

    • Internet Marketing Related Advice and Tips
    • Recap of the weekly meetings, which we began Posting August 2012
    • Local and Area events
    • Recommended products and tools. We only list proven and the most popular products and services.
    • Learning resources
    • We’ll continue adding and enhancing this site. So stop by periodically   

My Contact Information…

You can find me on; and or contact me directly through my E-Mail:

P.S. Here’s the link to the PDF Version of IM MM Who We Are